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Automated Light Deprivation

Construction Services
Fully Customizable Construction, Installation, & Service

Construction Services

Environmental Controls
Creating Healthy Growing Conditions

Environmental Controls

Greenhouse Kits & Greenhouse Supplies
We are the premier manufacturer of affordable greenhouse kits and greenhouse supplies. Our engineered and field tested automated light deprivation systems are second to none. Whether a backyard grower or full scale commercial agriculture, we have the supplies you need. Our specialized staff can assist in design, sales, and installation.
Automatic Light Deprivation Blackout Systems
Our light deprivation systems (complete automatic blackout curtain systems) are designed and manufactured in house, guaranteed to function day in and day out. They are fabricated with galvanized steel components, industrial electric motors, marine grade lubricants, and high quality blackout fabric (breathable and non). We also offer the design and build capability of retrofit light deprivation systems for your existing greenhouse(s).
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