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Greenhouse Experts
Skilled Builders
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Scott Stephan, a licensed HVAC Contractor, and Chris Ehrlich, HVAC Superintendent, witnessed recurring customer dissatisfaction because of greenhouses that weren’t built for success. Because of the careless design and installation of greenhouses, Scott and Chris decided it was time to take matters into their own hands.

Armed with known problems based on their years of working on greenhouses they dedicated themselves to creating a better system. They spent years refining greenhouse parts until each element met their standards. They became design and manufacturing experts.

The Logo Symbolism Breakdown

The logo as a whole symbolizes all of the elements working together as a perfect cycle in a controlled environment. Click around the logo to learn about all the parts of our company.

The Blue Arrow

The blue arrow is moving downward to symbolize the flow of cool air within our systems. It also symbolizes the essential element of water and is a symbol of the cold Winter season.

The Yellow Arrow

The yellow arrow is on top of the circle of arrows to symbolize the sunlight and lighting elements needed for plants to grow. It is also representative of the transitional elements of Spring and Fall.

The Red Arrow

The red arrow is moving upward to symbolize the movement of warm air within our systems. This arrow is our symbol for heating and electrical components. It also symbolizes the warm Summer season.

The Green Sprout

The leaves of the plant are also the infinity symbol. This part of the logo symbolizes new growth, infinite possibilities and the plants growing within the structures.

The Black Outline

The black outline symbolizes the fully integrated system working together within a controlled environment. The black outline also represents the complete blackout of our light deprivation systems.

our values live in our roots

it takes time to grow something great

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    We are Honest and Genuine.

    From manufacturing to construction to consulting, we genuinely care about all of your needs. Our humble beginnings and hard work ethic are represented in everything Gro-Tech - from the stability and reliability of our greenhouses to the contractors and service you receive.

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    We are skilled at what we do.

    We are confident and competent in our knowledge of environmental control (CSLB HVAC License: #997092). Our team has a combined total of 100 years of construction and HVAC experience – which is why we truly understand all of the technical components that make a successful greenhouse. With our greenhouses, we ensure controlled environments enabling farmers to do what they do best: grow.

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    We are progressive innovators.

    From the beginning, we’ve put a huge emphasis on original design and building our greenhouses. We understand that, in order to be a true pioneer in this industry, you must do everything in-house this is why we have our manufacturing facility and our offices all in Grass Valley, California.

support that runs deep

a hand-picked team of specialists

We formed a team of specialists to design, manufacture, and deliver the best greenhouse and light deprivation systems available while providing the best service in the industry.