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Alpine Series Commercial Gutter Connect Palomar Craft Cannabis

Southern California


"Extremely high level of customer service. From my first point of contact to the time all of our product was delivered, everyone was really thorough and communicative."

Kyle Castanon, Founder and CEO of Palomar Craft Cannabis

Project Logistics


Sept 2016

Square Feet



Cannatech Builders

Length of Project

6 months

Project Overview


Palomar Craft Cannabis wanted to push the envelope of what could be accomplished by growing cannabis in light deprivation greenhouses: Consistently harvest top-shelf, indoor-quality at scale. They needed to expand their commercial growing operation by joining their two existing greenhouses to 18,000 square feet of new greenhouses, creating a five-zone commercial light deprivation system that would allow for nearly year-round harvest of top- quality cannabis.


The existing greenhouses were from another manufacturer, so without a custom designed modification to the columns there would be no way to combine the existing greenhouses with the new structures and meet their harvest schedule.


We took the time to engineer a solution that met both the needs of the project and the goals of Palomar Craft Cannabis. We found the columns that would need to connect the greenhouses required custom caps that would allow the new structures to attach and remain uniform to the existing structures, while still being able to accommodate our patented light deprivation system in each of the 5 zones.


We designed and engineered custom column caps to join three separate 5,760 square foot light deprivation greenhouses that would allow Palomar Craft Cannabis to have 5 total zones that could stagger cycles to be in nearly year-round harvest. Because we engineered the caps and light deprivation system ourselves, we were able to minimize construction time and still meet the existing schedule to begin growing on time and on budget.