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Light Deprivation Retrofit Wave Rider Nursery

Salinas, California


"Very professional and courteous. The timeline was completely spelled out to us in the contract and everything was followed to the 'T'…They were big on communication and everything they told us they would do they followed through on."

Chris Boggs, Wave Rider Nursery Co-Owner & CFO

Project Logistics


Oct. 2017

Square Feet

8 - 5K sq. ft. Automated Shade Systems; 18 - 5K sq. ft. Automated Light Deprivation Systems

Length of Project


Project Overview


Wave Rider Nursery is well known in the California market and is positioning themselves to take advantage of the growing demand around the state. They wanted to transform their existing 5-wing flower facility into an automated light deprivation greenhouse system that could cultivate multiple harvests per year and allow them to keep up with growing demand.


We needed to specially design our patented light deprivation system to meet the requirements of multiple greenhouses from different manufactures. The systems would also need to accommodate diverse growing environments for specific strains - while the overall retrofit needed to be designed and built on a scale that was larger than anything Wave Rider Nursery or Gro-Tech Systems had previously engineered.


Our team created field drawings during our site visit to meet the scale and shape of the greenhouses while also looking to maximize canopy space. Each wing had uniquely designed shade and light deprivation systems that could be controlled and operated separately to meet the needs of growers. We also delivered our units in specially labelled packaging that grouped all of our parts and pieces together, making it simple and straight forward for the on-site contractors to install our systems.


In addition to providing detailed drawings, our team provided on-site assistance to the contractor throughout the project. We designed and delivered 18 - 5K square foot custom flat slope light deprivation systems and created 8 totally custom 5K square foot automated shade systems that are independently controlled in each of the five greenhouse wings.